2nd European Woodfire Conference to be held in Skælskør, Denmark from the 28th -31st August 2014.

Skælskør is a small coastal town one and a half hours by road from Copenhagen. From Copenhagen Airport, or the Main Station, trains run to Slagelse where you change to bus nr 470 to Skælskør. Link here allows you to plan your journey. Enter "Skælskør Bus Station" as destination.
A list of accommodation options in Skælskør can be found here on this blog.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Getting to Guldagergaard-ICRC and Skælskør, DK

International Ceramic Research Center - Denmark

Guldagergaard   Heilmannsvej 31 A   4230 Skaelskor   Denmark
T +45 58190016   F +45 58190037  office@ceramic.dk

Information Travel Plan  Airport - Copenhagen - Skælskør

Public Transportation
Travel route by train and bus from Kastrup Airport or Copenhagen Main Station to Skælskør.
The journey takes about 2 hours. Ticket price one way is about 175 DKK. (Train & bus) 

Train: Kastrup Airport - Copenhagen - Slagelse      Bus: Slagelse - Skælskør

Kastrup Airport - Copenhagen (København H) - Slagelse
The train station/ ticket sale is in the arrival hall - with direct train platform access from the hall (platform 2)
You can by a ticket all the way to Skælskør-   same ticket for train and bus - Please make sure, that you get a ticket via Slagelse Station.
You will need to GET OFF IN SLAGELSE to get the 470R BUS to Skaelskør!
The ticket office will give you all travel information and a precise time schedule.

There is a direct train from the airport to Slagelse at about every hour during the day. (The train journey is approximately 1 hour).

Copenhagen Main Station (København H) - Slagelse
Copenhagen Main Station is small. The ticket office will tell you the platform number and give you all information.

The train usually stops at: København H - Høje Taastrup - Roskilde - Ringsted - Sorø - Slagelse -*get off in Slagelse and get the 470R BUS from there to Skaelskør!**

Trains heading for these DESTINATIONS: Odense or Esbjerg or Aalborg or Frederikshavn …(will stop in Slagelse)

Weekdays: København H - last departure: 10.00 pm   to  Slagelse - last arrival: 10.51 pm
Weekend: København H - last departure:   9.00 pm   to  Slagelse - last arrival:  9.51 pm 
During weekends, some trains have no direct connection to the bus in Slagelse, and you may have to wait for one hour.
Please do not miss the last bus connection to Skaelskor from Slagelse Bus Station.

Slagelse Bus Station - Skælskør Bus Station
The bus station is situated right beside to the train station.
Please follow the bus sign, walk through the tunnel passage, and you will find the bus station.

Bus no. 470R:  Slagelse - Skælskør

Weekdays (one bus every hour):  Slagelse Bus Station - last departure: 10.59 pm   to  Skælskør - last arrival: 11.33 pm
Weekend:  Slagelse Bus Station - last departure:  9.59 pm    to  Skælskør - last arrival: 10.33 pm

You are now in Skælskør
Guldagergaard is about a 15 minute walk from the bus station. See the walking map enclosed!
The bus driver might be able to show you the way - and the Danes usually understand English.
There is no telephone at the bus station in Skaelskor.
The bus station is actually a defunct historic train station, it has been decommissioned as the train no longer runs to Skælskør. DO not be alarmed that it is boarded up;)

Enjoy the journey from the city through the country side to the small town – Skælskør

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