2nd European Woodfire Conference to be held in Skælskør, Denmark from the 28th -31st August 2014.

Skælskør is a small coastal town one and a half hours by road from Copenhagen. From Copenhagen Airport, or the Main Station, trains run to Slagelse where you change to bus nr 470 to Skælskør. Link here allows you to plan your journey. Enter "Skælskør Bus Station" as destination.
A list of accommodation options in Skælskør can be found here on this blog.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Exhibitions to be held during the Conference

Exhibitions during the 2nd European Woodfire Conference in Skælskør, Denmark

The following exhibitions are scheduled to be held in and around Guldagergaard, Skælskør during the 2nd European Woodfire Conference, 2014.

Presenters Exhibition
Delegates Exhibition
Woodfire Pioneers Exhibition
"Creme de lá Creme"
Pre-Conference Residents Exhibition
“Working at Ceramic Paradise” - works created at “Alt Gaarz”,Germany
Woodfired works from the Guldagergaard collection
“The Transparent Kiln"
Presenters Exhibition
All presenters at the conference exhibit their work on the window sills and shelves of the larger 1st floor studio, and small auditorium, Guldagergaard.
Euan Craig Japan/Australia
Ben Richardson Australia
Stefan Andersson Sweden
Markus Böhm Germany
Chester Nealie Australia
Sandy Lockwood fra Australia
Quercy Golsse fra France
John Neely fra USA
Christian Bruun Denmark
Elisa Helland Hansen Norway
Shozo Michikawa Japan
Perry Haas USA
Anne Mette Hjortshøj Denmark

Sten Lykke Madsen Denmark

Opening hours:  28th - 30th August
Heilmannsvej 31a
4230 Skælskør

 2. Delegates Exhibition
All delegates at the conference have the opportunity to place examples of their work on tables in the smaller studio on the 1st floor of Guldagergaard. 
Space is limited - 40 X 40 cms per person.

Opening hours:  28th - 30th August
Heilmannsvej 31a
4230 Skælskør

3. Woodfire Pioneers Exhibition
Exhibition of the works of Jacqueline Lerat, Patrick Sargent, Sys Thomsen and Fred Olsen. 
In Æblehuset there is a unique possibility to see works by some of the 20th Century's master in the field of wood fired ceramics. Jacqueline Lerat, Frankrig (1920 - 2009); Patrick Sargent, UK (1956 - 1998), Sys Thomsen, DK (1939 - 2000) and Fred Olsen, USA (Born 1939). 
The works have been brought together on the occasion of the conference when international experts will speak on these artists.The works come from private collections in Denmark, France and England. Curator: Priscilla Mouritzen. 

Opening hours:  28th - 30th August Fernisering: 30th August 18.30
Heilmannsvej 31a
4230 Skælskør

4. Pre- Conference Residents Exhibition
14 Woodfire potters exhibit the results of their month-long residency at Guldagergaard.
The artists are:
Lucie Brisson (Frankrig)
Priscilla Mouritzen (Danmark)
Robert Sanderson (Irland)
Ian Meares (USA)
Luke Sheets (USA)
Darren Cockrell (USA)
Perry Haas (USA)
Anthony Delaney (USA)
Won Baek (Korea)
Sten Lykke Madsen (Danmark)
Mitch Iberg (USA)
Marshall Maude (USA)
Shasta Krueger (USA)

Jin Kim (Korea)
Algade 37
4230 Skælskør
Opening hours: 29th - 30th August 10 - 17 

5. Bruuns Hjørne (Entry through gates

"Creme de lá Creme"
Recent works from the kilns of Guldagergaard

Gammeltorv 2 a
4230 Skælskør
Opening hours: 29th - 30th August 10 - 17
Fernisering: 28th August 18.30

6.“Working at Ceramic Paradise” 
An exhibition of works created at “Alt Gaarz”, Germany. Featuring work by Whou Zhou (PR China), Paul Davis (AUS), Marc Lancet (USA), Judith Duff (USA), Chester Nealie (AUS) and Markus Boehm (DE). Curator: Markus Boehm.

Old Town Hall
4230 Skælskør
Opening hours: 29th - 30th August 10 - 17

Fernisering: 28th August 18.30

7. Woodfired works from the Guldagergaard collection
Som of the best woodfired works from Guldagergaard's big collection will be exhibited.
In the years since the huge kiln “Embla” was built by Fred Olsen (USA) in 1998 many fantastic works have emerged from its commodious innards.  It is Scandinavians largest kiln and Fred Olsen is visiting Guldagergaard again in order to celebrate the kiln at the conference.  

Opening hours: d. 29th - 30th august – 10-16 
Guldagergaard, Æblehuset
Heilmannsvej 31a

4230 Skælskør 

8. “The Transparent Kiln” 
A Baltic/Scandinavian project in which students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Denmark have fired their work in the anagama kiln at Guldagergaard, and recreate the firing immediately afterwards as “The Transparent Kiln” - so that all the secrets of the kiln’s interior will be visible! Curator: Urmas Pukhan (EE)

Kiln Yard, Guldagergaard
Opening hours: 30th August - from 13 - 18

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